Trick or Treat!

<945*945 ver.>

The reason why I wrote this in English is because I want to practice more.
It might be continued till next July or August by the time I go back to Taiwan.

If you don't like to read in English, sorry about that.  orz

The context below is about this picture.

This is the only one picture I have finished for this two months.

The idea I wanted to draw became to a very different result.  orz
I think I can draw the original one next Halloween.  XD

During drawing, I thought that I could try another way to draw this.

I almost had never tried this style to draw a whole picture, so I tried it.

The things in the wizard hat are candies.

The draft.

In fact, the middle one is a small wolf, but I make him(or her?) look like a schnauzer.  orz

The beard and the eyebrows are parts of the wizard costume.

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G.O.T. --- Z.Wolf的心路歷程(誤)

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  • 哈魯卡
  • 英文啊(遠目

  • Don't give up!
    Keep trying.

    Z.Wolf(Lulu) 於 2008/11/06 07:02 回覆

  • 高個
  • 英文耶XD

  • How do yo find here? XD
    Have I ever told you my blog address? (I forgot it.)

    Let's talk(type?) in English, Jonathan! XD

    I hope so. XD

    Z.Wolf(Lulu) 於 2008/12/07 10:35 回覆

  • Jonathan
  • yeah, you have told me this blogXD