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If you are upset about this world and what happens now around us, just check this and watch their stories.

I had never known about this award before this thanksgiving. It's about the heroes among us.
Some of them help children who couldn't get educated, some of them help people rebuild their home in free, and many other things you may have never imaged.

I think we should also make this kind of award and broadcast in this way in Taiwan.
It can not only inspire us but also let more people know about what they are doing and how they can help others in their ways.

They may start form a crazy idea or thought seemed to be imposible.
Have you ever imaged how running can help some homeless people or addicts?
Or how could video messages from parents in prison play important roles between parents and children?

Every small idea can be a great effect if you start and keep doing.

Start to do something for people and issues you concern about and just go for it! : )


因為朋友說英文看起來挺麻煩的,所以下面打個中文版的 : P

如果你對於現今的世界與社會感到心寒、無力或難過,請看看今年CNN Heroes的故事。(連結在上面)
這個獎項是在感恩節頒發Top 10和最後票選出來的2008 CNN Hero of the year(能獲得額外的獎金幫助他/她繼續那些計畫)





開始去為你/妳關心的人們或議題做些事吧!  : )


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